We Bring Ethereum’s Blockchain Powered Financial Infrastructure to the Real World

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What We Do

We utilise Ethereum’s highly developed decentralised finance (DeFi) industry and smart contracts - to enable businesses to do what they can't with traditional finance.

We assess your needs, and develop bespoke solutions on top of Money Legos. However, WE DO MORE THAN CODE. Blockchain is emerging industry which handles TONS of money. Given the legal, business, user experience and security challenges of pushing this technology into the market - we pride ourselves on having a multi-disciplinary team.

Bloxis builds your product on the public Ethereum network (mainnet) in order for you to benefit from the security of composability of the world's most actively used blockchain network!

How We Operate

Firstly we determine if you actually need a blockchain / DeFi solution. If you need Bloxis, Web3.0, DeFi and blockchain, we get grinding ASAP! We work online using Trello, Discord & Github - we'll set you up on these platforms to keep you in the loop!

We're a remote first team, with experience in awkward time zones. As long as you're from our home planet, Earth (pictured above), we can help you.

Need a Blockchain Solution? Reach Out Now!

Who We Serve

Bloxis serves businesses of all sizes - on public or enterprise Ethereum networks. However, we're best positioned to serve small to medium sized businesses that have a lot of gain from the network effects of being on the Ethereum Mainnet or an adjacent layer two network. If your project targets consumer users, involves financial instruments and or new digital assets - this is probably you!

Work we've done on public blockchains include payment wallets with interest bearing savings (intended for developing markets) ; research into funding real world projects using crypto backed loans from automated money markets; and, consumer oriented robo-advisor apps investing in DeFi markets.


  • Decentralised App (dApp) Development (Web & Mobile)
  • Smart Contract Development
  • API/Backend Development
  • Legal Counsel
  • Protocol Research
  • Token Economic Research
  • Setup for Initial Coin Offering/Token Sale
  • Business Development for DeFi Related Projects
  • Customer Support
  • A Network of Industry Experts